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Ritmi e danze afroCulture encounters through dance, music and theatre…
Artistic direction by Katina and Bruno Genero

sole“Afro rhythms and dances” (already Association KAIDARA since 1986 ) is a non-profit cultural association which does promotion, study and diffusion activities in the Afro culture sphere with particular reference to west Africa and to their developments in the “New World” (Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Haitian cultures) The association works both in the educational sector, through the MAMADANSE school in Turin and the “Africae Mundi project”, as well as in the artistic sphere with the KAIDARA DANCE COMPANY, the BRUNO GENERO PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE and the International Dance and Music Festival “Afro and further… and more” known and appreciated both on a national and international level.


AFRICAE MUNDI puts itself forward as a centre for research and documentation to gather together artists and scholars of traditional and contemporary African arts all over the world. Considering the universal range of African arts, which make up a precious heritage of mankind, we intend to stimulate the preservation, the development and the research of all the artistic languages that come from “Mother Africa”, as well as from those Africans who have developed, for historical and social reasons, their languages in other parts of the world. As a principal choice, we favour the language of dance and music, without however neglecting other artistic forms -related or not to dance and music - which make up the contemporary universe of African art.

Besides, in Africa, the subdivision of the kinds of arts is not so clear-cutted: the dance evolves with the music, the costume is part of the choreographic movement, the mask lives in the dynamics of the wearer, the story is mimed, danced, given rhythm to and emphasized by the melodies; then the singing introduces the rhythm in traditional festivities and calls the spirits in rituals… and all this is an immense, pictorial colour palette.

We are spreading the word, therefore, to join together all the artists and scholars sensitive to the promoted themes, about AFRICAE MUNDI in order to develop with skill and professionalism the various aspects of the countless African cultural landscapes.

AFRICAE MUNDI does a training programme for dancers and musicians who have professional aims in the art and pedagogic sector, in order to ensure the diffusion of African music and dance, an African inspired technical preparation, with teaching methods and culture studied in depth as much as possible to give honour to the greatness and the universality of these artistic expressions.
AFRICAE MUNDI organizes meetings, seminars, courses, stages, reviews, festivals and choreographic competitions to stimulate research in Afro dancing and Afro music. The activities are addressed to professionals, semi-professionals, to amateurs, workers and to the general public to propose the “Afro” not as “ an exotic expression” but as a subject for study and as a creative language, enjoyable and usable at all levels.
AFRICAE MUNDI makes use of the collaboration of famous musicians, choreographers, dancers, singers, teachers who come from various continents and above all, of the knowledge of not such exalted but indispensable people who are considered in Africa to be “living libraries”, curators of oral traditions, in memory and in tribute to the spiritual heritage left to us by Amadou Hampaté Ba, a great connoisseur not only of oral traditions in west Africa, but also of human spirit.
AFRICAE MUNDI organizes shows, exhibitions and reviews dedicated to painting, sculpture, photography and cinema in order to meet African and non African artists inspired by Africa and to allow them to voice their feelings.
AFRICAE MUNDI promotes laboratories for theatrical techniques with artists who, beginning from the African oral traditions and from contemporary dramaturgy, carry out creative research in various aspects of theatrical expression.
AFRICAE MUNDI meets and introduces salient and emerging authors of essays, novels and poetry in a survey of African literature and international literature inspired by Africa.
AFRICAE MUNDI publishes, translates and registers researches and thesis on African arts to create a documentation centre at the disposal of its members and supporters, aiming to become an up-to-date tam-tam and display about international events concerning African art.


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