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OLARE' essence of Venus
is the Kaidara Dance Company’s new performance.

Do please watch the video!


Coreografia per 12 interpreti – Creazione 2005
Coreografie e messa in scena: Katina Genero
Music: Bruno Genero
Maïtre de ballet: Resy Brayda
Assistente alla coreografia : Anna Maria Cristiano
Production: Hidalgo Production and Festival Afro e Oltre…e Altro

Bruno Genero

soleIn a dimension where the past, present and future seem to coincide, the eternal feminine held and preserved in amber-coloured resins and in fossils of the memory, wakes up again and talks about herself. The language is one of signs, dispersed here and there in the inheritance of blood, in whirlwinds, in the rhythm of waves and in the light and shade of opposites. States of sensuality and spirituality, explored in the constant weaving between music and dance, stress the intention to harmonize the active and extrovert solar energy with receptive lunar magnetism addressed more to introspection.
In an atmosphere suspended between the womb of Mother Earth and the contemplation of the stars, the man and the woman look for completion. “… At the moment when the oracle, sacred androgynous being, was about to succumb to his most masculine part, … the Creator of all things sent three feminine essences to save him, Igboru, Igboya, Igbocheche…” (African oral tradition) Amidst “Yoruba” legends and contemporary sensitivity, ancient landscapes and metropolitan views , Olarè unwinds in a visionary journey stressed by steps of the unconscious and intuition, and covers the zones of shadow and light of the feminine spirit, understood as the most emotional part of the being; it becomes a dreamlike journey that leads from the womb to the contemplation of the stars.

The grotesque Yami, woman-insect, Lady of the night, bares herself against her will, purifying herself at dawn in the chant of the Ancient Mother, while the Gipsy, lively and passionate, leads us inside the blood, dies and is born again, designing a change in her DNA. Venus, in transit on the sun, inspires the Androgynous, the Amazon, the Esoteric Warrior, the Woman Snake and the Musician who contemplates the stars to find the sound of skin and wood.

Olarè finally… is just perfume…

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Kaidara Dance Company

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