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KatinaKATINA GENERO - Dancer, choreographer and afro rhythm and dances teacher.

Qualified at the “Fédération Française de la Danse” for teaching African Expression Dancing in 1986, Katina Genero brought Afro dancing to Italy, inspired by West African traditional dancing. She founded the Kaidara Dance company and the Afro Rhythm and Dances Association for culture encounters through dance music and theatre.

soleA great traveller and a sensitive, passionate expert in African culture, Katina has done research in this field in Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, the Ivory coast, Togo Burkina Faso and Mali, broadening her horizons to include the Africas of the new world: Cuba, Brazil and Haiti.

soleShe has been teaching Afro Rhythm and Dances since 1980 in collaboration with her brother Bruno Genero, with whom she has elaborated a personal technique and a personal style which, starting from distinct, gestural elements of traditional African culture, and evolving in totally contemporary dynamics- vital, energetic and enthralling.

soleTheir artistic path has contributed in sensitizing both those involved in this work and the public to Afro dancing and percussion, conceived not as exotic expression but as a subject for study and a creative language .

soleKatina has directed her own school, Mamadanse - Dance Formation Centre (Turin) together with Resy Brayda since 1994. Here, Katina and Bruno animate their beautiful courses in afro Rhythm and Dance. She has been promoting the Africae Mundi project since 1999 in order to create a centre for research and documentation and contemporary African Art.

soleIn 2000 her first book “Tubab, a dancer on the path of the drums” was published (Publisher – Ananke). Along with her brother, Bruno Genero, Katina founded the international festival “Afro and further… and more“, dedicated to the most significant outlets of traditional African dancing - both contemporary and metropolitan.

soleFervent and passionate, Katina has always been a pioneer in Italy, transmitting and spreading Afro culture. Thanks to her “visions” and an unshakable wish to realize them, she makes it possible to feel experiences only accessible beyond the borders of Italy and even Europe.

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