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KAIDARA DANCE COMPANY - Ritmo - Danza - Teatro
Kaidara Dance Company OLARE' essence of Venus is the Kaidara Dance Company’s new performance. Do please watch the video!

The Kaidara Dance Company was founded in 1984 by Katina and Bruno Genero after preliminary trainings.

The reason that inspires and lies behind the expressive research, is the choice of a particular musical and choreographic language which came about with the meeting of different but not incompatible cultures and artistic traditions, proposed in an original and innovative approach.

Kaidara Dance Company aa If percussion has had quite a marginal role in the European musical tradition, in the African one (and we refer particularly to West Africa) percussion has been and still is, the musical language par excellence. Kaidara has integrated the richness of the African musical culture into the European choreutics and has chosen the rhythm and rhythmic dancing as a privileged expression of its own artistic message.

Kaidara Dance Company aaIn rhythm and dance, in song and in silence, a strong spirit manifests itself, a dimension of endless research in which Kaidara rediscovers the ancient meaning of horizon, the unreachable goal that seduces us.

Kaidara aa Le produzioni più significative della compagnia
ORO (1984),
FARAH (1985),
ENE-IDA (1986),
MAREA (1987),
INDIGO (1993),
KELE-KELE (1998),
RUBEDO (2000),
OLARE’ - essenza di Venere - (2005)
sono stati rappresentati in importanti festivals europei,
in Costa d'Avorio, Niger, Burkina Faso e Canada.

olar OLARE' essence of Venus is the Kaidara Dance Company’s new performance

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