Bruno Genero

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È uscito " YIRI KAN " il nuovo CD di Bruno Genero

Lo trovate presso MAMADANSE, agli stages e ai concerti.
Puoi anche ricevere YIRI KAN direttamente a casa tua, tramite spedizione postale con pagamento in contrassegno. Richiedi qua le tue copie

Ascolta le anteprime dei brani sul nuovo Myspace di Bruno Genero

BRUNO GENERO the Italian Djembefolà called “the white man with tanned skin” in Guinea.

BrunoAn extraordinary musician, an expert at playing a legendary instrument: the Djembe, a Malinke drum, surviving centuries in history to triumph today, having crossed the threshold of the new millennium, in the international panorama of music.

He is an Italian percussionist, original, with great talent and sensitivity, precursor of that taste of ethnic influence which produced the very acclaimed “World Music” in the eighties and nineties. However the style of this percussionist is sober and deep.
He was judged the best non African Djembefolà on the night of the Great Masters at the International Biennial Percussion Première in Conakry, celebrated in Guinea May ’99.

Bruno cdNo space for market stall exoticism, or temptation of commercial stereotypes; for Bruno Genero the language of the Djembe is a path, full immersion in the heart of the ancient oral Malinke tradition, where drum music was born from the sonority of the spoken languages.

For Bruno it is not a question of applying paradigms and techniques of Western world music to an instrument that owns its secular and experimented canons, but rather a question of knowing them thoroughly to obtain a universal language which resounds on stage in every continent today.

Tam tamBruno Genero has come a long way. He has got to know the various styles and the different traditional instruments covering African territory for the diffusion of musical languages born from the Mandingo stock, he has made a synthesis of this, admirably expressed in the sounds of his drum. He then brought it to his part of the world – Europe and in particular, Italy. He has adhered to the traditions of the “senior” master musicians, holders of the ancestral knowledge that accompany this music, enriching the technical virtuosity and the artistic expression with sacred dimension.

He has been recognised and awarded by these same professional musicians and by the public internationally, not only for his virtuous technique and original style, but above all for the authenticity of his artistic way. Indeed not only does he cover the African traditions with self-assurance, he also remains loyal to his own identity.

Bruno Genero is not the “rough copy” of an African percussionist, but a complete musician who speaks his language and can make the Djembe speak its original language.
Mamady Keita, considered one of the major exponents of Djembe music in the world, said: "There are a lot of non Africans all over the world now who play this instrument but Bruno is the only one who has understood the philosophy of the Djembe"
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